DIRECTOR SEDUCED by GOOD ACTING.  Sometimes, especially at this stage of directing, a director will get two good actors and be a bit mesmerized by their level of work – and lose track of the story.  You can watch & enjoy what they are doing moment-to-moment – and then not be guiding them to tell the story – either with how they are specifically having/allowing thoughts – or with their bodies.  That’s just a heads-up.  That’s also where your work on the schematics is important.  For your BOOKS for your 2nd scene – you will be doing ALL schematics.  The STORY SCHEMATIC (along with identifying your TURNING POINTS & CLIMAX) will help you clarify this and make sure you’re seeing it.  (And the better the actor, the more you need to simply tell them the story you need to see – in whatever moment is missing as you go – and they will help come up with ways of creating it.  You do not necessarily need to know how to do it – let them be part of the process of discover – this is a COLLABORATIVE art – and also the actors will feel respected & like they are contributing in an important way.  It will usually increase their COMMITMENT to the project.