I knew at that moment I was not dealing with an issue of a different sexual preference, and I am quite a bit older than the woman – so age was not an issue.  I told him that the reaction he just did was what I wanted & good.  (He was quite present & blushfully enjoying the rest of the work we did.)

I then knew that the woman needed an adjustment.  This actress was a wonderful, intelligent actress who really got nuances of the scene, but she didn’t have strong ‘sexual power’ which is what this moment happened to be about.  To have a woman ask a man about sex and walk up to him and kiss him is a....well, an  “I’m going for it” kind of thing to do – and it’s hardly characteristic of Catherine’s normal “MO” - i.e.  This is an ‘exceptional’ moment.  So I did not work with the woman on her sexuality – I literally demonstrated how to be simply & powerfully present.  I worked with her Power. (We can talk more about ‘power’ and ‘sex”.)  I made her simply say it (don’t think I  told her how to say anything) and had her body be strongly & simply open to him (a standing version of the knee thing) and then take a step towards him with each line.  It worked.

Two of the guys in the class later asked how a guy (male director) could have done that.  (Well, first let me say that you’re not going to know how to deal with situations until you’ve experienced them and I’ve done this A LOT.  It's a specialty of mine.  I’ve VERY GOOD at PHYSICALITY between men & women (or even Woman/woman – man/man)  I’ve helped professional directors with this.   I’ve done a lot of work on the body & movement – and “Body Language” was the major I wanted to have a Duke – but instead ended up going into acting – because I felt the best training was there.)

HOWEVER – if you can figure out WHAT’s NOT WORKING – you can solve ANYTHING.  I had to first DIAGNOSE – then do it.  IF the woman is an attractive, cute, whatever – you can simply do what I told you and take the MALE ACTOR aside and ask him if there’s “Anything about that actual actress that he finds attractive” - then to either imagine she’s naked or that he’s touching whatever part he finds attractive.  No need to say anything to the woman.  (The female ‘buttons’ work somewhat differently – as I’m sure you all have noticed by this point in your lives.)

To make the WOMAN MORE ATTACTIVE to the man – MOVEMENT is always the key.  How a woman moves can biologically/primally stimulate any heterosexual man – much more than looks.  So just suggest ways she can move – or not move – that might....well, let’s say press his buttons – or make the moment ‘hotter.’  You do NOT have to act it out as I did – that is a SHORT-CUT – because in case you haven’t noticed – I’m going for accomplishing things in 5 minutes that could easily take you an hour or two.