“Story Arc”

What is the story..

The CHARACTER ARC’s I made you do, are plotting the major points in the INTERNAL journey of the character – i.e. How they feel and why at any given moment – although you'll only pick 3-5 moments.  (this is NOT what behaviors they do or emotional qualities they act- that’s the actor’s job.)  This is what’s going on – on the INSIDE, - WHAT THEY ARE FEELING and WHY.  The characters journey will hit those points - with the actor (and you) free to create whatever life seems appropriate to ‘connect those dots.’

The STORY ARC – i.e. The major points/turns/beats of the story – are the result of the two (or more) Character Arcs.
In other words:
  The ARC of Character “A” + the ARC of Character “B”  = (will come together/bounce off of each other to create) the STORY ARC  (what happens.)

From reading your schematics, I can see where some of you are totally losing the story – and/or you are creating character arcs that don’t add up to the story of the scene.

When I have you do your books, and the Story Schematic, I’ll expect you to check to make sure that everything adds up to the same world, the same story.


most of you are good at describing the character, but I’ve read at least one case of internal dialogue that did not match the character description.  If you describe someone as sweet & loving and his internal dialogue is that of a serial killer, you've got a problem.  (That’s not to say that we don’t think things we wouldn’t dare to say, but the interior dialogue has to be able to conceivably come from the mind of the character you described.)

Also, after you write the CHARACTER ARC – look to see if the character you had described works in that arc.  One of them may have to be adjusted.

All of this is to help you think through what is happening, what you want to see – which will translate into what you say to the actor (and we’ll work on the ‘how’ to say it in class.)

Make sense?

(And I’ll be making these little email clarifications as time allows during the term.  Some of you will love them and some will say “oh no” in your head – which would, of course, be the ‘internal dialogue’ of the character of you.)
To be continued...