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Comments from Student Course Evaluation Forms
( Directing II, Art Center College, Pasadena):
(about the course:)

"This was the best class I had....I loved the class....Brilliant class....very effective....the most important class in the program....I learned a great deal of important ideas and concepts in directing the scenes."

(about the instructor:)

"Fabulous....insightful....offered information I expect to keep with me for the rest of my life...Excellent critiques of student work....very productive in her communication with both directors and their actors....there was no feeling of intimidation from her....bring her back -- we like diversity in our directing instructors....I loved her....I learned a lot of extremely valuable information....Stephanie is an excellent teacher and I liked her approach which was to teach us how to work with actors....she had a good attitude and she made it inspiring to want to be a director....I actually learned things from her."

"Stephanie has helped me see and appreciate the role of the director, as well as specific techniques & methods I can use in working with actors to create my vision. I thought I was going to her for a little help, but realized that she has deepened my understanding and appreciation of the directing process."
Directing Two: Final Report . April 2008
Dear Stephanie,

This class has been a wonderful experience! I have grown so much, as a filmmaker. Even though my focus is primarily producing, I found this class intriguing. I was challenged by your emails and in-class feedback. I am looking forward to continuous learning on how to “be specific” and I hope to find a good balance of working with actors and managing time. I enjoyed most your ability to transpose your energy to actors based on your tone of voice and your careful technique when communicating with them. It was glorious to see the transformation and growth in the actor’s performances after you re-directed our scenes.

After spending what will be over 100 hours dedicated to this class, we have all grown. Our relationships with one another (students) have grown into friendships and our camaraderie will move to future projects. I appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment. As we have spent many hours dedicated to this class, you also have given your time. It is your passion for your craft that is was fuels your never-ending spout of wisdom and advice.

The value of the class is not reviewing how well the actors did, but what it was that made their performance great or what we could have done to improve it. I think that you did an excellent job keeping that focus. Personally, I feel that if there were a measure for which student learned the most. I would hope it was me! Is there such a things as a Student Arc? The Green-screen would have been the lowest point ---from which, I only had upward to go.

I might just direct some GREAT epics in the future, and I will always say it was in Stephanie Nash’s directing class where I was given the foundational skills and inspiration to become a dynamic Director. ---(I might leave out the dynamic part) LOL. Even in writing this letter, I realize how comfortable I feel being honest and speaking freely…I believe that is a gift for you…and for all you have given us!

I think the only thing that might have improved the class is if we could have done the shooting of the scenes in a real sound stage…. maybe someone can donate some space on the shoot days. For example, Raleigh Studios, or maybe some of the faculty have connections elsewhere.

Overall, I will treasure this experience and the Stephanie’s book, I’ve entitled “The Foundations of Directing” will be a well used manuscript and tool for me moving forward. Thank you very much for your amazing time and dedication to our professional growth!

All the best, Leslie Ann Lucey

"I can't begin to say how much I've learned in this class. I think I most appreciated the authentic care that you gave to all of us. This was fun and I feel so much more confident as a director now."

Stephanie knows how to direct actors, and how to show the students exactly how to get what they want from actors. The class is tailored to the students needs. I got what I needed out of the class. Stephanie cares about her students.

Everything Stephanie shows us is useful. It is clear she has taken the time to perfect this class. 

Best directing class I've had thus far at Art Center, keep the classes small.  

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