"Email Teachings"
(of Stephanie Nash

On a regular basis, I have people who have studied with me or heard me speak,
email me with long in-depth questions about aspects of this practice or 'the path'
(or sometimes it's just asking for another take, like you would a from an experienced friend.)

I do my best to answer according to my understanding and experience
(and by no means am attempting to be a 'Dear Abby' or an enlightened master.)
I've just offered whatever I can to help with that particular experience and, with permission,
I have posted some of the interchanges that have proven to be particularly helpful
with the simple notion that they may prove helpful for someone else.

With gratitude to my teachers - especially Shinzen Young,
my practice, and my experience on this path.
For all my relations,

Q: I can't seem to get myself to sit every day. Any suggestions?
Is it important that I do?

Q: Trying Different Practices: I'm working with one kind of meditation, but just met a teacher who teaches something quite different. I'm getting confused.

Q: Any ideas on how not to burn out?

Q: (longer question includes: I can't forgive myself.

Q: Labeling. I find it activates my mind more and makes it more difficult.
What is the advantage of labeling?

Q: Watching sensations to extinction. Is that always possible or preferable?

Attaining deep states. Frustrations, confusions & experiences.

Q: Trusting your own goodness and not buying into the self-judgmental 'tapes.'


Q: I played your tapes for my mom in the hospital.

If there is no link, it simply means that we haven't had a chance to upload the exchange.
Stay tuned.


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