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Quotes from Students

a few current students
(updated 2007)
"Steph has a gift for helping actors develop a plan for creating interesting choices that will allow them to bring to life characters that will be fun and inspirational to watch so they can stand out from the masses."

Kevin Clark
"Stephanie Nash is always prepared for her students, articulate, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile to bring the best out in you as an actor.  Truly committed to the craft with individualized personal enhancement plan ever changing to compliment your growth..".

Mike Uhlman
" I continue to value Steph'sexcellent skills, experience, and commitment to assisting the Actor.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and delivers that knowledge so kindly, without regard to self serving interests. I have been through quite a few acting schools in Los Angeles, it could be a kinder industry if they followed her path. I am so grateful to have found a Stephanie and her level of commitment to the Actor, which by the way,  is unparalleled within the industry. Hey, what can I say? I am booking consistently since working with Stephanie. I sure wasn't before I met her."

Michael A Kaufman
"Finally, a quote for to sum up such an AMAZING class and experience? Here is a really long quote, feel free to shorten it:
I honestly feel blessed to have found a class and teacher like Stephanie Nash. She is witty, honest, talented and experienced. She works differently with each actor and is intuitive to their needs for their growth process and yields brilliant results! The classes remain small so you receive a lot of personal attention. I have grown and learned so much with Stephanie! She has changed my life (even outside of acting!)"

Rebecca Ely
"I can honestly say that Stephanie has changed my life. I'm a better person
and a better actor for working with her. She offers her insights with such....generosity. Yes, I think it comes from her experience teaching meditation, but her open hearted generosity of spirit, and life energy,
and amazing wit & intelligence - are awe-inspiring and she teaches by example as much as by words. I'm grateful to know her.
I use things she's taught me every day."


"There are a lot of good actors.
To be a great actor requires something extra.
You get that something with Stephanie Nash...and some humor too. :-)"

Jennifer Weaver
"Stephanie provides a foundation that informs not only
acting technique, but the complete person"

Tom Walz

Stephanie is extremely insightful as to material and where your character fits - and she has an excellent way of
bringing out the best in the actor.  A very kind and caring person, she is an extremely talented actor/director/coach.  
I think she's the best in the business.

Marcia B. 

a few past students

Hi Steph,

It's been a little time since we last spoke. I booked a new web pilot for CBS entitled "Dead End City" a prelude to Sin City starring Gary Graham. I went in for the lead several times but actually ended up booking the supporting role (it was the better role for me). We are shooting the pilot this week and a few more episodes after that. I've had alot of close calls since I left class, but finally something hit, so I'm happy.
I want to say thank you for letting me participate in class. If it weren't for your class I would not have built the confidence to audition and to take part in workshops. I remember everything you taught me and I applied to every audition (especially the movement!). It has certainly helped me with my cold reads as well. If in the event that this pilot does get picked up I really do want to come in for some private coaching. So thank you once again Steph for "handing my ass to me on a platter" :).
Dani Lennon
"Stephanie is a remarkable teacher. She is incredibly passionate about the craft. Having studied with her, I have immensely grown not only as an actress, but have experienced a personal and spiritual growth from her teachings as well. Watching her teach is amazing. To see a student get what she is talking about is exciting. It's even more so when I get "it" from watching someone else, and apply "it" to my own "stuff". I've seen Stephanie on stage and on film. She has an awesome presence. The best part is, she does exactly what she teaches."

Sophia L. Lee
"Stephanie has an ability to communicate differently with each actor. It's like she knows how
you need to hear it. And she doesn't settle for that. She makes sure you've experienced a shift before you walk out that door. I've never had that with any teacher before."

Jennifer Thompson
"I can’t begin to say what working with Stephanie has done for me. I was probably one of the most frustrated people I know. Now, I’ve learned how to pay attention to what’s going on in my body. She’s taught me how to be open and allow my emotions to flow without judgment. That's a beautiful thing to teach anyone. I'm lucky to have found her."

Jan Stephens

"Stephanie uses a great sense of humor and incredibly direct honesty and compassion to get to the root of the problem and quickly help you learn how to grow through it?"

Barbara Bragg

"Hi Stephanie -- guess what?! I booked it!!! Thank you so much! I was so relaxed & confident after the work we did. I knew I had a structure and just played around it. Thank you again!"

"Stephanie, you ended up becoming an extremely valuable teacher for me. I found you to be extremely insightful into your students and how they work with their craft, and challenged us to not be satisfied and continue to evolve into the artists that we really are."

Jesse Cunningham
"Whenever I have an audition, I call Stephanie. Then I know I'll be confident with what I'm doing in the audition & can relax enough to allow spontaneous choices & my personality to come through. If you've got an important audition -- I highly recommend you call Stephanie."

Suzanne Weil

I want to thank you for teaching the workshop today.  You are inspiring and teach in such an entertaining way but with such clarity.  I will remember so much of what you taught today.


It was lovely seeing you too. You should know that you opened a whole new dimension re directing for me, and are one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had.

Rebecca C.

I needed an acting coach for an audition, was referred to you, and got so much more than than. You helped me hone in on the greatest choices that I'm convinced helped me book the job. And what was originally an audition i was nervious about, after your session, I was so relaxed & present & free to add whatever choices were happening in the moment. It was so much fun. Thank you - I own you so much for this.

"Stephanie has the amazing ability to instantly
identify and focus on the unique challenges
for an actor"
Tom Walz

Comments from Student Course Evaluation Forms
( Directing II, Art Center College, Pasadena):

(about the course:)

"This was the best class I had....I loved the class....Brilliant class....very effective....the most important class in the program....I learned a great deal of important ideas and concepts in directing the scenes."

(about the instructor:)

"Fabulous....insightful....offered information I expect to keep with me for the rest of my life...Excellent critiques of student work....very productive in her communication with both directors and their actors....there was no feeling of intimidation from her....bring her back -- we like diversity in our directing instructors....I loved her....I learned a lot of extremely valuable information....Stephanie is an excellent teacher and I liked her approach which was to teach us how to work with actors....she had a good attitude and she made it inspiring to want to be a director....I actually learned things from her."

Recommendations from Other Professionals:

I met Stephanie as a coach who somehow managed to make untrained actors appear
to be Shakespearean masters. Since then I have consulted with her on many projects
always finding her input invaluable. She understands actors and knows how to talk to them
in a way that they can absorb. She often gets actors to work beyond
what I would have considered their capabilities.

RON SOSSI, Artistic Director, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

Stephanie Nash is one of the finest teachers I know. She is one of the finest actors I know. She is also one of the finest teachers of acting and of teaching directors to work with actors. To her unique and creative perspective, Stephanie brings wit, intelligence, great sensitivity and a wonderful sense of humor. The students love her and work very hard for her -- but more importantly-the quality of their work and understanding grows immeasurably.

Francine Parker, Head of Directing Dept., Art Center College, Pasadena

Stephanie Nash is such a dynamic, hard-working and brilliant teacher.
I was inspired by her, but more importantly, the students were inspired by her.
She came in and started a program, directed a show (that we are still talking about
years later), and left us with renewed incentive to do better.

Lisa Monroe, Arts Program Director

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